what we can do for you

Product Development

Red Comet Labs develops full web application products. If you’re interested in us developing your product, then give us a shout. We’ll generally start by taking you through our product planning process, followed by an iterative development process, and then we'll pop some bubbly as you ship your product.

Product Planning

If you’re looking to build an excellent web or mobile application, then a good plan will save you heaps of money in the long run. Red Comet Labs offers product planning, which includes facilitation of Product Discovery Workshops and High-Level Product Planning Sessions.

Team Integration

If you're looking for a specialist to handle the frontend development of a project, we'll join your development team, set up deliverables, and make it happen. We specialise in JavaScript programming, particularly React.js.

JavaScript Training

Do you or your team need to take your JavaScript programming to another level? Then contact us about our JavaScript training. We do comprehensive and practical JavaScript courses for developers at an intermediate to advanced level. And if you're just getting started with JavaScript, the we offer a beginner course as well.