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Who we are

We are a team of web engineers who thrive on creating web and mobile applications. We have created our own products and tools, and we are pleased to offer our services to you to create your web or mobile application.

what we can do for you

Product Development

Red Comet Labs develops full web application products. If you’re interested in us developing your product, then give us a shout. We’ll generally start by taking you through our product planning process, followed by an iterative development process, and then we'll pop some bubbly as you ship your product.

Product Planning

If you’re looking to build an excellent web or mobile application, then a good plan will save you heaps of money in the long run. Red Comet Labs offers product planning, which includes facilitation of Product Discovery Workshops and High-Level Product Planning Sessions.

Team Integration

If you're looking for a specialist to handle the frontend development of a project, we'll join your development team, set up deliverables, and make it happen. We specialise in JavaScript programming, particularly React.js.

JavaScript Training

Do you or your team need to take your JavaScript programming to another level? Then contact us about our JavaScript training. We do comprehensive and practical JavaScript courses for developers at an intermediate to advanced level. And if you're just getting started with JavaScript, the we offer a beginner course as well.

What we've made


PouchDB-Find and NMO

PouchDB-Find is a mongodb-inspired query language for PouchDB. It is based off of Mango from the Apache CouchDB project. 

NMO (pronounced Nemo) is a command-line tool to manage your CouchDB instance.

Garren has played an integral role in developing both of these opensource tools.


Red Comet Labs Founder, Garren Smith is one of the key developers involved in building Fauxton, the new open source modular CouchDB dashboard. A CouchDB Committer, Garren focusses on the frontend development of Fauxton, and makes sure that using CouchDB is an awesome experience for developers.

IBM Cloudant

Garren is a lead developer with the IBM Cloud Data Services team. His focus is on the Cloudant Dashboard, which is built using CouchDB and Fauxton and which integrates with IBM’s big data stores. Under Garren's leadership, the team has migrated the whole product to React.js.

Classroom 7

Red Comet Labs built Classroom 7 for face-to-face trainers and teachers who were looking to present material online and to assess their students quickly. Trainers love Classroom 7 because it helps them offer more to their clients in a competitive market. We built this product form the ground up, using Ruby-on-Rails.

What we're good at

  • Building web and mobile applications

  • Javascript

  • Node.js

  • Apache CouchDB

  • Open source – CouchDB Project Management Committee (PMC) Member, PouchDB Contributor

  • Design and User Experience

  • Ruby-on-Rails

  • Working closely with our clients to make apps with great business value

Our thoughts and general musings...

If you're interested in product development, Javascript or CouchDB, head on over to the Red Comet Labs Blog.

We've done a lot of conference talks over the years, but RubyFuza is best at recording them. Garren was also recently featured in the ZA DevChat podcast, where he (mainly) talked about CourchDB. Check out the links below:

We love opensource! We use opensource code extensively and we contribute regularly to opensource projects. Garren is an Apache CouchDB Project Management Committee (PMC) Member and a PouchDB Contributor.