Take your idea to market on a Red Comet

At Red Comet Labs, we develop software that is a pleasure for people to use. We write clean code, which makes for elegant products and takes the headache out of maintenance and scaling. Check out some of the products we've developed, or browse our website to find out more about Red Comet Labs.

Who are we?


Red Comet Labs is a software development company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Red Comet Labs specialises in Web and Mobile Web application development. It was founded in August 2011 by Garren Smith.

After qualifying as an electrical engineer, Garren entered the world of embedded development and .Net solutions. Garren soon started exploring other development platforms and environments. He has also worked as an Agile consultant. He has developed a passion for Ruby and server-side JavaScript using node.js. At Red Comet Labs Garren tries to put all that he learns into writing great software.

Getting your product to market.

Getting your product to market is a lot like watching a comet shoot through the night sky. Why? Because in both cases, timing is everything.

We get the timing right.

At Red Comet Labs, we help you to get that timing spot on. We follow an iterative development process, which focuses on quick results and getting a Minimum Viable Product out there – so your future clients don’t have to go on for too much longer without your awesome product.

Software that is a pleasure to use.

Elegance, efficiency, ease-of use. These are the characteristics that make a software product a pleasure for people to use. We give people – your users – top priority when developing any product, so that from the first time they open it, they will know they’ve found a product that they cannot do without.

High quality.

We write clean code that is thoroughly tested. While what goes on in the code may not seem important at first, you’ll see the benefits when your product really starts to take off. Clean code makes for easy maintenance, a negligible number of errors, and the ability of your product to handle all the clients that come rushing its way.

Classroom 7

Red Comet Labs in collaboration with Action Light Training and Development have created Classroom 7 an online learning management system that is easy to use for learners and makes trainers look great.

Technologies That Work

At Red Comet Labs we apply the best tool for the situation. Some of the technologies we use to create your product:

Open Source Contributions

Red Comet Labs uses plenty of open source frameworks. We have also written our own. Below are our top three libraries.

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